Unlimited offers a fully integrated and cohesive design-build program that provides the Owner a continual, Single Source of responsibility throughout the design and construction process.  Traditionally, the separate roles of architects, engineers and general contractors expose an Owner to the management of multiple contracts, significant design adequacy risks and unsatisfactory outcomes resulting from inherently conflicting interests.  Our project model relieves the Owner of being placed in a precarious middle ground and contractually shifts the responsibility of communicating, coordinating, collaborating and conflict resolution of multiple disciplines back to Unlimited as the Design-Builder.

Recent studies by the Project Delivery Institute indicate that, on average, regardless of facility type, contract type, or the experience of team members, the unit cost of design-build projects was more than 6% less than that of traditional design-bid-build projects.  The study also showed that design-build projects were 12% faster on construction speed and 33.5% faster on overall project duration than design-bid-build projects. 


Along with these positive cost and timeline statistics, design-build offers the following projects advantages:

  • Design-builder becomes single point of contact and assumes liability for design and cost
  • Elimination of adversarial relationship between design and construction entities
  • Early contractor and subcontractor involvement enhances constructability
  • Reduced re-engineering as conflicts are identified and fixed during design phase
  • Team oriented value engineering process
  • Coordinated and streamlined project team communications
  • Early knowledge of firm costs and progressive cost control through design phase
  • Full team input promotes efficiency and innovation
  • Collaborative effort results in enhanced quality and value
  • Virtually eliminates contract modifications and litigation

The Unlimited design-build method of delivery has clearly earned a reputation for demonstrating substantial benefits in higher quality, reduced construction costs and shorter fast-tracked schedules.  Similar to our successful design-assist “Partnering” approach, Unlimited’s experienced team of pre-construction personnel, project managers and superintendents specialize in working with owners, developers, architects and consultants from the formative design concept through construction phases to achieve common project goals set for quality, budget, schedule, programming and functional as well as aesthetic design.


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