We Provide:

  • Extensive experience
  • Highly trained staff
  • On site management and supervision
  • Prompt project completion
  • Evaluation of plans to create streamlined, cost effective valuations
  • Timely and accurate pricing of cost-benefit options and upgrade selections
  • Conscientious consideration of ongoing operations during renovations
  • Attention to detail, high quality finishes

Value Engineering

Our in-house ability to evaluate your project from different perspectives opens the door for re-engineering to achieve your desired result for a lower cost. Our value engineering approach has saved project owners time and money by doing things as simple as modifying a building’s hot water system or as radical as taking a completely new structural approach, such as replacing wood framing and forms with light gauge metal walls and decking. We also offer design/build services for everything from parking structures to complete resorts. 

Renovation and Remodeling

We understand the need for speed and accommodation of your ongoing operations during renovation. We place the needs of your guests first: public safety is paramount. Our on-staff safety officer makes regular site inspections, ensuring the security and well-being of everyone on site.