JANUARY 2017- Project Administrators

Our project administrative team is vital to the success of a project from start to finish. Our admins work hard initiating paperwork, communicating with subcontractors and vendors via email, phone, fax, and even face to face when necessary. They often answer phones, file, and run errands required by the project and keep the projects flowing smoothly. These ladies are busy with close out paperwork and invoices, tying up loose ends long after the final construction is complete. Unlimited admins have strong multi-tasking skills, since many handle a variety of our busy projects at one time. They are very organized and help the project engineers and project managers maintain spreadsheets, logs and a variety of data needed. Unlimited Construction’s project administrative team is a crucial part of our success.


Kauai Admins
from top left:
Rochelle Parras Safety Director/Office Manager
Donna Edmonds Field Office Manager
Melanie Sukisaki Field Officer Manager
Jane Tomacder Project Administrator
Kelley Patterson Receptionist
Mana Umu Safety Administrator
Oahu/Big Island Admins
from top left:
Lisa Arakaki Executive Assistant
Jean Baptiste Project Administrator
Ruby Fukuji Project Administrator
Chelsea Liberato Project Administrator
Beryla Taguchi Receptionist
Big Island:
Piilani Kali Project Administrator